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James Madison University


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Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

University of Vermont



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grassland birds


breeding systems


mating systems

conservation biology

animal behavior



Research Interests

I study the joint ecological and evolutionary consequences of using human-managed habitats as wildlife habitat.  In 2002 I began a long-term research project on how hayfield and pasture management affects the life-histories of grassland songbirds.  Along with ecology and evolution work, this project has expanded to create and explore federal policies that balance landowners' economic and birds' life-history needs.  Additional projects include: studying grey squirrel ecology on the UNE campus; exploring the ecology of urban roof-nesting Herring Gulls; evaluating the marsh bird communities on the Saco River; exploring if federal funded forestry practices actually support the bird communities as intended; and identifying the migration and wintering location of the Caribbean Martin.

Selected Publications

* denotes undergraduate student co-authors

Perlut, N.G. 2013. Second Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont. 7 species chapters (Yellow Warbler, Upland Sandpiper, Sedge Wren, Savannah Sparrow, Northern Harrier, Grasshoper Sparrow, Bobolink). Edited by Rosalind B. Renfrew. University Press of New England.

Perkins*, D.G., N.G. Perlut, and A.M. Strong. 2013. Lack of fitness benefits for edge avoidance in nesting grassland birds in the northeastern United States. The Auk. 30:

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Perlut, N.G., L. Kelly*, N.J. Zalik, and A.M. Strong. 2012. Male Savannah sparrows reduce parental care in response to paternity loss. Northeastern Naturalist 19:335-344.

Perlut, N.G., A.M. Strong, and T. J. Alexander. 2011. A model for integrating wildlife science and agri-environmental policy in the conservation of declining species.The Journal of Wildlife Management 75:1657-1663.

Perlut, N.G. and A.M. Strong. 2011. Grassland birds and rotational-grazing in the Northeast: Breeding ecology, survival and management opportunities.The Journal of Wildlife Management 75:715-720.

Little*, L.P. , A.M. Strong, and N.G. Perlut. 2009. Aggressive response of adult Bobolinks to neck ligatures on nestlings. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121:441-444.

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Perlut, N.G. 2008. Female Bobolink molts in male-like plumage and loses fertility. Journal of Field Ornithology 79:198-201. Perlut, N.G., A.M. Strong, T.M. Donovan, and N.J. Buckley. 2008. Grassland songbird survival and recruitment in agricultural landscapes: implications for source-sink demography. Ecology 89:1941-1952.  

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Perlut, N.G., A.M. Strong, T.M. Donovan, and N.J. Buckley. 2006. Grassland songbirds in a dynamic management landscape: behavioral responses and management strategies. Ecological Applications 16:2235-2247.

Noah Perlut



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