Melissa Smith

Assessing the distribution, feeding ecology and habitat usage of monkfish (Lophius americanus) within the Western Gulf of Maine Closures Area (WGMCA)

Melissa was the first Marine Science graduate student at UNE when the program started in 2002.  Her project tested the effects of the Western Gulf of Maine Closed Area (WGMCA) on the diet and abundance of monkfish in different types of habitats.  The work involved trawl sampling of both adult and juvenile monkfish combined with a laboratory analysis of stomach contents.

Melissa's thesis resulted in the following manuscript:

  • Smith, M.D., Grabowski, J.H., and P.O. Yund.  The role of closed areas in rebuilding monkfish populations in the Gulf of Maine.   ICES Journal of Marine Science 65:1326-1333.  DOI 10.1093/icesjms/fsn137

After graduation from UNE, Melissa completed a graduate program at Dalhousie University for a Masters of Marine Management with a focus in fisheries management.  She is currently working with lobsters for the Maine Department of Marine Resources in Boothbay, Maine.