2014/2015 Dental Medicine Costs

Tuition $58,540
General Service Fee $600
Malpractice Insurance  $255 (1st year)
Program Fees* $11,200
Total Direct Costs $70,595

* Program fees include:

  • Cadaver
  • Electronic Textbooks
  • Instrument Lease and Management Fee
  • Preclinical/Clinical Supplies/Disposables
  • Central Sterilization
  • ASDA Dues
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Educational Technology
  • Clinical Apparel
  • Various Miscellaneous expenses

Dental Students are required to purchase the Surgical Magnification System ($1,000).
The 3-D Tooth Atlas is included in the program fee and will be provided to students.

Students are required to have a laptop computer for the program. A one-time technology allowance of $1,500 is part of the 1st year cost of attendance.

Indirect costs

Indirect costs are included in the student's financial aid budget. These are not direct charges from the University, but allowances that are given to cover expenses that the student may have while attending school (the allowances listed below cover the number of months the student is enrolled for each year of the program).

1ST YEAR (8/28/13 - 5/09/14)

  • $11,250  Room and Board
  • $3,600  Transportation
  • $1,440  Personal/Misc. costs 


  • $15,000  Room and Board
  • $4,800  Transportation
  • $1,920  Personal/Misc. costs 

3rd year (June - May)

  • $15,000  Room and Board
  • $4,800  Transportation
  • $1,920  Personal/Misc. costs 

4th year (June - May)

  • $15,000  Room and Board
  • $4,800  Transportation
  • $1,920  Personal/Misc. costs 

The living expense allowances are based on the following amounts per month, for the months enrolled:

  • Room and Board $1,250/month (rent, food, utilities)
  • Transportation $400/month
  • Personal/Misc. $160/month

Health Insurance for the student is $3,155 for the 2014/2015 academic year. Students are required to enroll in UNE's student medical insurance plan unless proof of comparable insurance can be demonstrated.