2016/2017 Master of Science/Physician Assistant Costs

TUITION (per academic year)  $41,640
GENERAL SERVICE FEE (per academic year, $215 per term) $645
PROGRAM FEE (per academic year, $1,053 per term) $3,159*
MALPRACTICE INSURANCE (annual, first and second years, non-refundable) $340 
TOTAL DIRECT COSTS (per academic year)  $45,784

*Included in this fee are the $2,500 clincal fee, and other associated program fees.

Physician Assistant students are required to purchase equipment/instruments for the program. The Financial Aid Office allows $1,000 under the first year budget to purchase these items.

Books and Supplies

The costs will vary depending on the courses you are taking. The Financial Aid Office uses $1,450 for the first year of the program and $600 for the second year of the program as a standard allowance for student budget purposes. Your actual expenses may vary.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are included in your financial aid budget. These are not direct charges from the University, but allowances that are given to cover expenses that you may incur while attending school (the allowances listed below cover 12 months of enrollment — summer, fall and spring semesters):

Academic year amounts:

  • $15,000 Room and Board 
  • $4,800 Transportation/Travel costs 
  • $1,920 Personal/Misc. costs

Monthly amounts:

  • Room and Board $1,250/month (rent, food, utilities)
  • Transportation is $400/month
  • Personal/Misc. is $160/month


Please consult the Academic Catalog for more information on the Physician Assistant Program.

Health Insurance

Students are required to enroll in UNE's Student Medical Insurance Plan unless proof of comparable insurance is demonstrated and a waiver is completed online. The cost for UNE's 2015-2016 annual health insurance policy for graduate students is $3,267 ($1,090 Fall 2015 only; $2,178 Spring 2016 only; $822 Summer 2016 only).