Leadership Opportunities

ULead Student Leadership Program

If you have strong leadership abilities or wish to develop leadership skills, the ULead Student Leadership Program offers the training and education that you need to be the best leader you can be throughout your college career and beyond. In addition to joining the vast array of clubs and organizations that require student leadership, students interested in the ULead Student Leadership Program are encouraged to explore options such as the Annual Fall Leadership Retreat, a rustic teambuilding getaway complete with first-class ropes course, and the Orientation Leader Program, which prepares students to be valuable resources to incoming students and their families. The ULead Program even offers Personal Involvement Planning, enabling you to create a plan of involvement and leadership that feels right for you.

Student Leader Scholarship Program

The Student Leader Scholarship program was created to assist active student leaders with the financial demands of a college education. This scholarship seeks to financially reward students so they may remain more active role models on campus rather than seeking employment elsewhere. Leader scholars are responsible for designing and coordinating the annual fall Leadership Retreat and Annual Leadership Banquet, planning Leadership Workshops and assisting in the ongoing development of the ULEAD Student Leadership Program. 
Information about and applications for the Leader Scholarship Program are available In the Office of Student Activities/Organizations at the beginning of the spring semester for positions in the following academic year. For more information about the program, contact the Office of Student Activities/Organizations at (207) 602-2447.

Annual Fall Leadership Retreat

Every fall, the Leader Scholars work with the Office of Student Activities/Organizations to plan and coordinate the Fall Leadership Retreat. This rustic retreat offers students the opportunity to spend some time developing group and individual leadership skills while getting to know others through a weekend-long series of workshops, teambuilders, and ropes course activities. For more information about the Fall Leadership Retreat, contact the Office of Student Activities/Organizations at (207) 602-2447.

Orientation Leader Program

Orientation Leaders (OLs) serve as a resource to incoming students and their families. They work hard to provide information to new students that will help them settle in, get to know other students and register for classes. They act as guides for the first week, welcoming students to campus and serving as familiar faces. Becoming an Orientation Leader requires an application and interview process conducted by a small group of Orientation Advisors (OAs). These advisors work with the Office of Student Activities/Organizations to provide training for the new OLs.
 The Orientation Leader Program provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain leadership experience while giving back to their community and assisting new students with the transition to college. 
For more information about the Orientation Leader Program, contact the Office of Student Activities/Organizations at (207) 602-2885.

Student Trustees

The University of New England offers an unusual opportunity for two students each year to serve as full voting members of the University's Board of Trustees, attending all regular trustee meetings. As such, they provide a connection between all of our student populations and the Board, and have real input on this overarching governing body which guides the future of UNE. Student Trustees not only provide student perspective to the Board, they also build connections between and within each campus through their work with all student government organizations. Student Trustees are selected by a committee of their peers and administrators.

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