Summer Housing

If you are studying or engaged in on-campus or local employment, summer housing is available for Summer Session I, Summer Session II or both. Your application for summer housing is due at the Office of Residential Education and Housing on April 15, 2014 by 4:30 p.m. 

If you require summer housing for any reason other than participating in summer courses, we will need an email from your employer or research supervisor confirming your employment and employment dates.

As a summer housing participant, you stay in Featherman Hall, a track-style residence hall with double and triple-occupancy rooms. Featherman Hall offers laundry rooms, study lounges, a first-floor kitchen, common bathrooms and central air conditioning.  Although meal plans are not offered over the summer, you may still purchase meals at dining locations on campus.

If you require accommodations for a disability or medical condition over the summer, please contact Disability Services at (207) 602-2815.

Summer Housing Rates 2014

  Double-occupancy room Triple-occupancy room

Students Taking summer courses or
working on campus

$ 780 per session
$ 1690 for both sessions
($130 per week)

$ 690 per session
$ 1495 for both sessions
($115 per week)

Students participating in academic research

$ 660 per session
$ 1430 for both sessions
($110 per week)

$ 570 per session
$ 1235 for both sessions
($95 per week)

Students not in summer courses or
working on campus

$ 1500 per session
$ 3250 for both sessions
($250 per week)

$ 1290 per session
$ 2795 for both sessions
($215 per week)

*Rates are subject to change

Summer Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for Summer Housing?

Undergraduate UNE students should apply who are taking summer courses, participating in on-campus work study, research and internships. All other UNE student summer housing inquiries should be directed to the Office of Residential Education and Housing at 207) 602-2272. Other non-student housing requests should be directed to the Office of Conference Services at (207) 602-2122.

Will I have a Roommate?

All students participating in summer housing are in double or triple occupancy rooms. If you have a medical condition that requires a single occupancy room, please contact Disability Services at (207) 602-2815.

How am I billed for Summer Housing?

Summer housing is billed to your student  account and charges are assessed prior to move-in. You will have 30 days from when your assignment is made to settle your account.

Do I have to move between sessions?

If you are in residence prior to the start of Summer Session I, you can stay in your academic year assignment until summer session move-in. Students residing on campus for both summer sessions will not be required to move in the time between sessions. At the end of the summer and if you are a residential student for the upcoming academic year, you will be able to move to your academic year assignment at the conclusion of Summer Session II.  This transition date is set for August 18, 2014. If you are not a residential student for the fall, your transition date will be August 15, 2014.

When do I move to my summer assignment? 

Summer residents must be available to transition from Spring 2014 assignments to Summer 2014 assignments on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 or Wednesday, May 14, 2014.