Writing Placement

As an incoming student who has SAT Writing scores or the ACT equivalent, you will be placed in the appropriate writing course (College Reading & Writing sequence, Writing Lab with English Composition, or English Composition) on the basis of those scores. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores, Advanced Placement credit, or English Composition transfer credit, you will be placed using multiple measures of your achievement, including reported high school GPA and high school English grades.

Placement Challenge

Students who believe that their writing capabilities are not accurately captured in their performance on the SAT or ACT Writing tests may submit up to 3 writing samples to the Developmental Writing Supervisor of the Student Academic Success Center.  Writing samples should be non-fiction, engage the ideas of other writers, and have gone through a multi-stage drafting, revision, and editing process.  Submissions should include drafts (preferably with teacher's comments) and final versions of papers, and have been written in grades 11 or 12.

For more information about Writing Lab and whether you would benefit by registering on the Writing Lab page.

How Writing Placement Results Affect Registration

As a result of the assessment procedure, you are placed in the writing class most appropriate to your demonstrated level of skill: (1) College Reading & Writing I, the first part of a two-course sequence that is equivalent to English Composition, taken concurrently with Writing Lab: (2) Writing Lab with English Composition; or (3) English Composition. Writing lab credits count toward full-time enrollment requirements, and the grade received in the course is computed in your grade point average (GPA), but the course does not fulfill graduation requirements. English Composition is part of the University's Core Curriculum and is required of all students as one component of that curriculum.