Integrated Pest Management

The Biddeford Campus, located in beautiful coastal Maine on 560 acres, is situated at the mouth of the Saco River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Habitats including forested vernal pools, marshes and wetlands create ideal locations for mosquitoes and their resulting mosquito-borne viruses. The goals of the university’s Integrated Pest Management Program include maintaining a safe and sustainable campus environment and protecting human health by suppressing pests that threaten public health and safety. A natural predator approach is a logical solution. 

The mosquito control project, originating from a collaborative effort between the Environmental Health and Safety Department and the Department of Environmental Studies, has been the backbone of the biological control approach to reducing mosquito populations at the Biddeford Campus of UNE. This component of the IPM program involves creating a habitat for mosquito-eating birds and bats and increasing the presence of mosquito-repellent plants. The two departments collaborate to oversee the education and work of student interns who manage the program each summer.