Dental Hygiene (Bachelor Degree) Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The Department of Dental Hygiene offers students the opportunity to:

  1. Competently provide the public with dental hygiene care based on a sound foundation of scientific knowledge and effective decision-making.
  2. Provide individuals and groups with up-to-date dental hygiene care as an essential component of comprehensive, interprofessional health care. 
  3. Explore the complexities of ethical decision-making as it relates to professional situations.
  4. Gain access to dental hygiene licensure in the state of choice by successfully preparing students to complete the national and regional board examinations.
  5. Develop a commitment to life-long learning by continuing with educational plans following graduation.
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to assess, plan, implement and evaluate community-based oral health programs.
  7. Utilize appropriate communication methods to effectively provide patient care.