Athletic Training Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Every graduate from the UNE Athletic Training Program will be able to:

  1. Successfully challenge the athletic training entry-level Board of Certification (BOC) examination;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of and clinical proficiency in all five domains of athletic training: 1) injury/illness prevention and wellness protection, 2) clinical evaluation and diagnosis, 3) immediate and emergency care, 4) treatment and rehabilitation, and 5) organizational and professional health and well-being;  
  3. Articulate the importance of interprofessional collaboration in the delivery of high-quality athletic health care;
  4. Communicate effectively with peers and the general public about athletic training as a career and a discipline;
  5. Provide evidence-based, clinically-relevant care to athletes and the physically active; and
  6. Examine athletic training practice utilizing ethical, legal, and regulatory decision-making frameworks in accordance with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Code of Ethics.