Nurse Anesthesia Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this educational program, the student shall demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the faculty, specific competencies expected of graduates.  These competencies identify the knowledge and skills necessary for competent entry-level practice of nurse anesthesia.  Upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the perianesthetic management of patients based on theory and research evidence learned in the basic sciences and basic and advanced principles of anesthesia practice during the didactic phase of the program.

2. Apply theoretical and evidence-based knowledge learned during the didactic phase of the program and demonstrate mastery in the perianesthetic management of the patient in the clinical setting.

3. Effectively communicate with all health care professionals, patients, and families in the delivery of culturally competent perianesthetic care throughout the anesthesia experience.

4. Demonstrate vigilance and adherence to patient safety principles throughout the anesthetic experience.

5. Demonstrate professional responsibility, integrity, and accountability to their peers, interprofessional colleagues, and other health care stakeholders throughout the program and perianesthetic clinical experiences.