Chief of Geriatrics, Primary Care

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Geriatrics/Gerontology: Health systems


Advocacy and Curriculum Development and Competencies

Karen Lee Weiss


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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InterMed - South Portland

Karen Weiss, pediatric nurse practitioner, is the newest addition to the University Health Care for Kids family.  Born and raised in a suburb north of Boston, Karen has spent the past 20 years testing the waters of CaliforniaÕs Bay Area.  There, she received mastersÕ degrees in public health and public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.   Later, she returned to the University of California, San FranciscoÕs School of Nursing to become a pediatric nurse practitioner with a specialty in... Read More



Adolescent Health


Nutrition Education Coordinator

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Community and Public Health

Nutrition Education

Foods & Nutrition

Health & Wellness Promotion

Professor of Anatomy

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Stella Maris


Pain mechanisms; spine pain; cervical and lumbosacral spine anatomy; problem-oriented learning in the medical school curriculum.

Jack Williams, PhD, MEd

Jack Williams

Ph.D, M.Ed.

Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

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Dr. Jack Williams received his bachelor's degree at Rhodes College (Memphis, Tennessee) in biopsychology and a master's degree in education (MEd) at Georgia State University. Following graduation from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with a PhD, he studied neural regulation of cerebral blood flow, control of blood flow to the choroid plexus, and cardiovascular effects of ischemia and stroke in animal models at the University of Iowa Cardiovascular Center and the Cleveland Clinic... Read More




evidence-based medicine

cerebral blood flow and stroke

Medical education

Professional Development

academic leadership

Barbara Winterson

Department of Biomedical Sciences; Professor of Physiology

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Stella Maris

Barbara Winterson, Ph.D. received her BS in Psychology and PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Maryland.  She received postdoctoral training in oculomotor systems and neuroscience at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.  She joined the University of New England in 1979.  She has over 30 publications in multiple areas: eyemovements, reflex control and pain, and medical education.  While at UNE she, has taught physiology and neuroscience in graduate health sciences programs using a variety of teaching techniques: lecture, problem-based... Read More


Eye movements; vision; pain mechanisms; reflex motor control; neural plasticity; touch mechanisms; psychophysics

Medical education

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

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InterMed - South Portland

Dr. Zamboni joined University Health Care for Kids in August of 2008 after finishing her pediatric residency at Maine Medical Center.  She trained at the Barbara Bush ChildrenÕs Hospital of Maine Medical Center from 2005 through June of 2008.  While at MMC, she participated in the Pediatric Transport Team, transporting critically ill children from smaller hospitals in Maine to Maine Medical CenterÕs Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Other projects included advocating for SCHIP (State ChildrenÕs Health Insurance Program) reauthorization and lecturing... Read More


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