Anatomy and Interventional Pain Management

Anatomical research conducted at UNE has two primary foci: (1) Characterization of the course and position of nerves for the purpose of identifying potential sites of nerve entrapment and routes for intervention; and (2) characterization of the relationship between myofascial elements of the abdominal and lumbar regions for the purpose of furthering our understanding of low back pain and potential countermeasures.

Research in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine applies osteopathic concepts and techniques to a fundamental knowledge of anatomy and its structure-function relationship to treat specific areas of the body. The goal is to document these specific treatments for decreased pain and increased functionality of a specific area of the body. Measuring these outcomes, both objectively and subjectively, allows for increased reproducibility and enhanced treatment protocols for pain and vestibular complaints.

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Stella Maris

Dr. Frank Daly has focused on vertebrate retinal biology and is currently an associate professor of biomedical science at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Daly received his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from Boston University and subsequently held a research associate position at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Boston. Dr. Daly has research interest in the developing nervous system, using immuno-histochemistry and other molecular techniques to investigate melanopsin in the retina of the Nassau Grouper, the... Read More


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Selma Holden

Selma Holden


Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Primary Care

Dr. Holden is a board certified family medicine physician who has addtitional training in integrative medicine modalities that include yoga (RYT200), herbs and OMM.  She completed her residency training at Maine Dartmouth Family Residency, where she focused her care on pregnant women who were dependant on opioids.  She's worked in integrative medicine clinics in Maine and Massachusetts and completed Harvard Medical School's Integrative Medicine Research Fellowship.  He current research focuses on the therapeutic potential of prenatal yoga to improve an expecting mother's wellness... Read More


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