All of the equipment and services offered by the Genomics, Analytics and Proteomics Core are located in the College of Pharmacy building in Portland.

The building has 7,000 square feet of dedicated research space that is uniquely equipped for pharmaceutical analysis and includes a core facility for mass spectroscopy. A wide range of instruments ensures that any type of molecular analysis can be accommodated from inorganic to organic molecules, charged to uncharged molecules, or small molecules to proteins and nucleic acids. No matter the task, the right instrument is available. The mass spectroscopy facility includes three LC-MS/MS, two ICP-MS, one LC-Q Tof, one GC-MS/MS and one LC-MS system.

Various types of spectroscopic instruments include two UV/Vis scanning spectrophotometers; a research grade spectrofluorimeter; a dual-beam CD spectrometer; a chemiluminometer; a dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer; and a SLK-200 Series Desktop NQR spectrometer- the first commercially available nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer, which has the potential for non-destructive analysis of solid dosage forms.