Steering Committee

The Deborah Morton Society’s Steering Committee has the honor of selecting from an exceptional roster of nominees. We are proud to welcome several deserving women to the ranks of the University of New England’s Deborah Morton Society each year. 

Women are nominated for the award by either University of New England Board of Trustee members or Deborah Morton Society members. Nominees are made in secret so that nominees are not aware of their nomination or consideration until the award nominations for the coming year have been approved by the University of New England’s Board of Trustees. 

The Committee is also responsible for recommending steering committee members as present terms expire. Meetings are held on the University’s Portland Campus. Committee members serve three-year terms. 

Current Steering Committee Members:

  • Meg Baxter, Chair, DMS ‘07
  • Susan A. Carlisle, DMS ‘12
  • Patricia McGuigan Collins, DMS ’95   
  • Kaye Flanagan, DMS ‘11
  • Bridget D. Healy, DMS ‘06
  • Meredith H. Jones, DMS ‘09
  • ​Danielle Ripich, Ph.D., ex officio
  • Eleanor M. Baker, DMS ’13
  • Paula D. Silsby, DMS ’05
  • Patricia Wiggins, DMS ’95