2015-2016 Steering Committee

The Deborah Morton Society Steering Committee selects and recommends nominees for the annual Deborah Morton Award from a roster of names submitted in confidence by members of the UNE Board of Trustees and current members of the Deborah Morton Society.

The steering committee also participates in planning Convocation and other activities of the Deborah Morton Society.

Current Steering Committee Members:

  • Meg Baxter, Chair DMS '07
  • Eleanor M. Baker DMS '13
  • Susan A. Carlisle DMS '12
  • Kaye Flanagan DMS '11
  • Bridget D. Healy DMS '06
  • Meredith H. Jones DMS '09
  • Patricia A. Peard DSM '00
  • Paula D. Silsby DMS '05
  • Patricia Wiggins DMS '95
  • ​Danielle Ripich, Ph.D., ex officio