About the College of Dental Medicine


  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism, Integrity & Respect
  • Leadership, Scholarship & Innovation
  • Social Responsibility & Community Responsiveness
  • Caring & Compassionate
  • Patient-Friendly


Several U N E dental students practice on mannequins

The mission of the UNE College of Dental Medicine is to improve the health of Northern New England and shape the future of dentistry through excellence in education, discovery and service.

The College will provide excellent oral health care services to the community with a strong focus on disease prevention and overall health promotion, and serve as a leader in innovative health care delivery and education.

The educational experience at the College will include recruitment of competent and compassionate students who demonstrate a commitment to social justice and/or leadership. Students will be supported in a learner-centered environment grounded in trust, collegiality and high ethical standards with a commitment to population-based issues. This learning environment values the philosophy of early integration of biomedical science information with appropriate clinical skills applications. Students will develop skills in interdisciplinary health care, discovery and application of new and emerging science, evidence-based practice, and new technology.

Administrators, faculty and staff of the College will represent a diverse array of experiences and expertise, both personally and professionally. Employees will be supported through ongoing development opportunities and must embrace and demonstrate the core values of the College.