Study the Humanities While Preparing to attend UNE’s College of Osteopathic Medicine

There are many paths to a medical career and considerable evidence shows that studying the humanities as an undergraduate improves “understanding of the experiences and perspectives of patients, families” and their fellow professionals — thus making better doctors.* The HuMed program embraces this reality and is unique among colleges and universities in the United States. It allows exceptional students to study either a single humanities discipline or to take part in the Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities program, complete necessary science courses (maintaining a 3.6 or above GPA), and earn an interview for admission to UNE’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. 


If this sounds like something that might interest you, contact either Dr. Susan McHugh or Dr. Eric Zuelow for more information.

*Richard Meakin & Deborah Kirklin, “Humanities special studies modules: making better doctors or just happier ones?” Medical Humanities 26/1 (June 2000)