Nociceptive neurons in a fruit fly larva
Nociceptive neurons in a fruit fly larva. The entire body wall of the animal is tiled with the rectangular dendritic arbors of nociceptive neurons. In this animal, DNA encoding the jellyfish-derived red fluorescent protein TdTomato was inserted into the fly genome in such a way that it is expressed only in the nociceptive neurons. This image of a live fly larva was taken by Taylor Follansbee, B.S. '13, M.S. '15 using a confocal laser-scanning microscope.

UNE research team publishes in leading neuroscience journal

August 04, 2017

Professor of Biology Geoffrey Ganter, Ph.D., and his research team at the University of New England published an original research paper in the top-rated Journal of Neuroscience . Ganter’s team...

Lara Carlson

Documentary about Lara Carlson nominated for Emmy

July 06, 2017

A motorsport documentary featuring pioneering research by Lara Carlson, D.P.E., FACSM, CSCS, associate professor in the University of New England Department of Physical Therapy and the Center for Excellence in...