Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) meets once per month throughout the year to review research protocols that involve human subjects, submitted by students, faculty, staff or administrators of the University of New England.

Download UNE's Policies, Procedures and Guidance on Research with Human Subjects. Please refer to Section III.B.1. for protocol submission requirements.

CITI Online Human Research Curriculum

All investigators, faculty advisors and research staff are required to complete the appropriate CITI online training module on Human Subject’s Protection within 24 months before the application date, and to submit documentation (i.e. a copy of the certificate of completion) to the IRB with their application. Applications will not be processed or reviewed until this requirement has been fulfilled.

In addition, so long as an approved protocol is active, investigators must also update their qualifications at least every 24 months. This qualification must be maintained in order for investigators to continue research activities.

Investigators using Protected Health Information (PHI) in their research involving human subjects must also complete UNE HIPAA educational requirements and to submit evidence of completion with the IRB application.

If a member of the research staff has completed CITI training with another university, institution, organization, etc. within the last 24 months, then a completion certificate must accompany the application. Please contact Lliam Harrison, Director of Research Integrity with questions. Only CITI training will be accepted.