Helping You to Understand Your Money....

Our team understands that when it comes to financing your education, money does matter and you do need to make some "$ense" of it for a healthy financial future. We're committed to providing you tools and resources to help you along your way, both while you're a student here and once you've joined the ranks of our esteemed alumni. We encourage you to explore these resources and pages, pay attention to financial matters and contact us if you need further assistance. See here for a sampling of what our UNEED MONEY $ENSE campaign can teach you!

Did you know April is Financial Literacy Month? To celebrate, the Student Financial Services team will be offering rides on the Cash Cart. Look for us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and hop a ride anywhere on campus while earning UNE Bucks by showing off your money sense. Your UNE Bucks can be redeemed for prizes at Student Financial Services. The more the bucks, the bigger the prize. We hope to see you on the Cash Cart soon.

  • Manage Your Money 
    The basics of smart money management and budgeting.
  • To Your Credit
    Tips on how to get started building a solid credit score.
  • Plan For Your Future
    Navigate some of the important financial decisions you'll face once you leave college.
  • Keep It Safe
    Learn the risks of identity theft and how to avoid becoming a victim of this type of fraud.

Other Financial Topics

  • Know Your Tax Benefits For Higher Education
    Be aware of the tax benefits that exist for you while you are currently enrolled in school as well as once you have entered repayment.
  • Explore Outside Scholarship Resources
    Scholarships are an important means of reducing your borrowing through your college career. Many tools, resources and people are here to assist you.
  • Understand Your Loan Repayment Options
    Loans are a reality for most students but repayment doesn't have to be a burden. Tools exist to assist you in keeping track of borrowing and managing repayment. 

    With special thanks to People's United Bank for its generous support.