Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study program is funded by both the Department of Education and UNE, and offers opportunities for on-campus part-time employment to undergraduate students demonstrating financial need. Funds are annually recalculated and awarded as part of your financial aid package. Your work-study earnings are paid to you directly and are not deducted from your bill. An additional advantage to working on campus is the enrichment of your college and practical work experience. Please obtain an Authorization Form from our office before beginning work.

First-Time Work-Study Students

As a first-time Federal Work-Study student, you must complete employment forms before beginning work. These documents can be found via your U-Online account under Student Requirements. Since some documentation requires physical verification, you will need to see a Student Financial Services representative in person to take in your paperwork.

FWS Employee Authorization Form

Before you can begin working any work-study position, you must obtain an FWS Employee Authorization Form from the Student Financial Services Office. An authorization form must be obtained every year and for every individual FWS position you work. The form indicates that you have completed all necessary requirements and specifies the amount of FWS you have to earn for the given academic year. Once obtained from our office, present this form to your supervisor so they are aware you are all set to begin working and be paid through the FWS program.

Summer Student Employment

Federal Work Study funding is not available for students to use during the summer. Departments wishing to employ students can use their departmental funds to pay a student for summer employment. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding this process.