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Greetings from the Director

Welcome to University of New England School of Social Work. We offer you the chance to experience challenging, interactive and life-changing Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work programs. Beginning at orientation, you critically examine contemporary issues, forge new understandings and collaborate with clients and communities to improve the health and well-being of all people. Social justice is a guiding value of our school whether you choose to work directly with individuals and families, build community resources, or lead policy-change initiatives. We are excited to have you learn with and from our accomplished faculty, community partners, and the other students and faculty who make up the interprofessional Westbrook College of Health Professions.

Our School of Social Work offers multiple learning options that make the UNE M.S.W. accessible and obtainable. We do our very best to be responsive to your individual circumstances while providing excellence in social work education. Below are M.S.W. options, time lines and formats:

Three concentrations:

Shelley Cohan Conrad

  • Clinical Practice: Prepares students with knowledge and skills for advanced practice primarily focused on individuals, families, and groups in multiple settings.
  • Community Practice: Provides students with knowledge and skills in an array of advanced practice roles in the areas of program and policy development, administration, supervision, political advocacy, community practice, and evaluation.
  • Integrated Clinical/Community Practice: combines the core curriculum of both the Clinical and Community Practice Concentrations. 

All three concentrations prepare graduates for professional social work leadership positions within their communities.

Time frames for M.S.W. completion:

Campus-based MSW Program

  • One-year Advanced Standing track (B.S.W. required)
  • 16-month accelerated track
  • Two-year traditional full-time track
  • Three- or four-year part-time track

Online MSW Program

  • 16-month Accelerated Advanced Standing track (B.S.W. required)
  • 28-month Advanced Standing track
  • 32-month Accelerated Traditional track
  • Four-year traditional track

Learning formats for msw program:

  • Campus-based face-to-face classrooms
    • Our campus-based program offers hybrid course options that blend face-to-face and online learning
  • Fully online M.S.W. that can be completed from anywhere in the world

MSW Specializations:

  • Applied Arts and Social Justice Certificate: You integrate your passion for expressive arts with community activism, transformation and healing.
  • Trauma-Informed Practice Specialization 
  • More to come in 2016-2017

I invite you to come to campus, experience a classroom, connect with students and alumni, or contact me directly to learn more about the UNE M.S.W. experience.

Let’s begin the conversation,

Shelley Cohen Konrad Ph.D., L.C.S.W., F.N.A.P., Director


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UNE students and faculty participate in an Interprofessional Team Immersion exercise
UNE students and faculty participate in an Interprofessional Team Immersion exercise

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