Project Squirrel

This research program started with a simple question: "Is the squirrel that I see everyday outside my window the same squirrel?"  

This question has grown into an ecological research program conducted by students on the campus of the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. 

Using mark-recapture techniques and radio telemetry, we explore movement patterns and survival of the Eastern Gray Squirrel on campus and in the surrounding community.

Project Squirrel Crew 2015Squirrel Crew

The Spring 2015 Squirrelologists were: Alec Batcheller, Jonathan Brown, Kate Burgess, Andrew Diorio, Sarah Fleischmann, Shannon Gillen, Rocket Hart, Aurie Ingraham-adie, Scott Knox, Jeremy Lessard, Brian Miglorino, Shane Murphy, Zach Delorenzo, Shawn Nguyen, Sam Peterson and Dylan Price

Members of Spring 2014 squirrel crew included: Alec Batcheller, Sarah Croston, Zach Delorenzo, Jacob Farrell, Ryan Fawcett, Sarah Fleischmann, Shannon Gillen, Rocket J. Hart, Chito Hernandez, Erika Iacona, Mathew Miller, Shane Murphy, Shawn Nguyen and Samuel Peterson.

Members of the Fall 2011 squirrel crew included: Danielle Behn, Cody Chretien, Nick Cornetta, Chris Dracoules, Christopher Ferrante, Cory French, Brian Sargent and Scott Stevens.

Members of the 2010/2011 squirrel crew included: Chloe Crettian, Cody Chretien, Cory French, Emily Baisden, John Franceschina, Lindsay Kelly, Will Almeida, Brian Sargent, Chris Dracoules, Danielle Behn and Reilly Sullivan.

Members of the Spring 2010 squirrel crew included: John Franceschina, Cody Chretien and Steve Lutterman.