Student Life

Two students share a laugh as they walk on campus

As a student at UNE, you are our top priority. The enriching experiences of our Biddeford Campus or Portland Campus, are essential to your success. Whether you're an undergraduate, graduate or professional student, we strive to provide you with a safe, inclusive, enjoyable environment that enhances your education. We do everything we can to make your time at UNE a well-rounded and satisfying experience.


Student using laptop computer outdoors
UNE students will benefit from enhanced connectivity whether indoors or out.

Maine Fiber Company connects UNE campuses and communities

The University of New England’s mission to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation took a big leap forward with recent connection to Maine Fiber Company’s “Three...


9:00 AM

Themed Event

Pharmacy Career Fair

Finley Recreation Center (Restricted Admission)


7:00 PM10:00 PM

Themed Event

Pumpkin Carving

College of Pharmacy Corridor