Student Wellness

Bragging Rights

This ongoing student challenge has designated periods of competition each semester. You compete to set both semester and all-time campus records. If you set a set semester record, you win a T-shirt, and if you set an all-time campus record, we place your name on the oversized record board inside of the Fitness Center. And most important of all, you win bragging rights! This competition includes an Academic Program Challenge where the program with the most participation wins prizes for each student who competes.

There are 14 events in which you may compete, including bench press, mile run, squat, dead lift, 4,000- meter relay row, hula hoop, basketball free throws, etc.

For a complete list of events, visit the Finley Recreation Center.

Student Fitness Challenge

The Student Fitness Challenge is an undergraduate interclass competition. The competition follows the academic semester and runs for 12 weeks. Each program competes to accumulate the most minutes of exercise over the course of the semester, and if your program wins you are awarded prizes at the end of the semester. You must accumulate 150 minutes per week for the duration of the competition to be awarded a prize.

Current standings are posted  on our Bulletin Board in the Fitness Center. For more information, please contact Colleen Dolbec