Getting Around

Parking Policy

Students, staff, faculty and visitors who wish to park on the Portland or Biddeford campuses must display a parking permit. Students with vehicles should register them with the Permit Store. Enter "UNE" in the Permit Store search bar for a variety of parking choices. Temporary parking permits are furnished to guests of the University and part-time employees. For more information about parking permits, visit the Parking Policies page. 

Alternative Transportation

UNE offers transportation alternatives designed to preserve the green spaces on our campuses and to practice one of the University's most cherished core values: stewardship of our environment. 

Zipcar and Zagster

UNE offers two all-wheel-drive Zipcars that can be rented online by the hour. In addition, UNE has partnered with Zagster to provide a bike sharing network on the Biddeford Campus. Users can register online for free access to the system with a UNE email address. Stations are at the Campus Center, Decary Hall and The Alfond Forum. As a first-year residential or transfer student (incoming fall classes only) who opts not to bring a car to campus and become a Zipcar or Zagster member, you also qualify for your choice of one of three financial incentives for leaving your car at home:

  • $300 Flex dollars-Useable at select dining venues on and off campus
  • $300 Follett Gift Card-Useable at UNE Bookstore
  • $300 for ZipCar

*Note: Bringing a car to campus is expensive. Parking permits cost $300 and parking spaces are not guaranteed.


If you have a bike, you can take advantage of our easily navigable campus and conveniently located bike racks. 


Nor'easter Express

Offering a regular schedule seven days a week, the Nor'easter Shuttle transports UNE faculty, staff and students to and from the University and designated stops in Biddeford. You just need to present a UNE ID card. Visit the Shuttlebus-Zoom website for routes and schedules.

Zoom Express

The Zoom Express offers weekday service from the Biddeford Campus to Portland, with stops in Old Orchard Beach, the Maine Mall and Portland along the way. The Zoom bus is available for express service between Biddeford and Portland. Visit the Shuttlebus-Zoom website for rates, routes and schedules.

visiting the Portland Campus?

UNE's Intercampus Connector makes several runs between UNE's Biddeford and Portland campuses during the academic year.


Getting Around