Social Work Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the UNE SSW will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and leadership in the following:

1.   Practice social inclusion to enable people, populations, and communities to fully participate in society, enhance human bonds in the context of cultural diversity and ensure improved quality of life and equitable resource distribution.  

2.   Engage in culturally-informed relationship building respectful of the complexity and diversity of contexts and circumstances. 

3.   Utilize theories of human behavior, social systems and social inclusion when offering interventions with people and their environments. 

4.   Promote ethical reflection, critical consciousness and shared decision-making based in social work values and with consideration of the broader contexts of the world in which we live. 

5.   Balance the roles of helpers, activists, and advocates through collaboration with communities to build healthy and sustainable resources. 

6.   Engage as critical consumers and producers of research and evaluation applied to clinical and community practices. 

7.   Practice person-centered and collaborative community partnerships across diverse settings.