Vision, Mission & Values


The University of New England School of Social Work envisions a world where social workers are at the forefront of advocating with individuals and communities for human dignity and social inclusion by mobilizing efforts to end inequities, exploitation and violence. 


The mission of the School of Social Work is to provide transformative and collaborative learning that embraces the values of social inclusion and promotes enhanced quality of life for individuals and communities. 


Our values promote social inclusion1 conceptualized as actions taken to improve quality of life, access to equitable resources, enhancement of human bonds within the context of cultural diversity and engagement of people, populations and communities to fully participate in society. Towards this end:

  • We promote culturally informed practice that is respectful of the complexity and diversity of people’s lives and circumstances.
  • We recognize that social exclusion prevents people from full and just participation in their communities as a consequence of inequities, discrimination and disadvantage arising from adversity in early life and continuing across the life course.
  • We practice social responsibility by raising public awareness of social exclusion, challenging discrimination and acting with and on behalf of groups, populations and communities.
  • We support person-centered collaborative practices and partnerships that bring together diverse workers and community members to meet the best interests of individuals, families and groups.
  1. “The process of improving the ability, opportunity and dignity of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society.” (2013, World Bank Publication)


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