DMD Program

A male and a female dental student treat a reclining patient in the U N E Oral Health CenterAs a student in the UNE College of Dental Medicine’s DMD program, you receive a dental education that is current, comprehensive and innovative. Our curriculum is grounded in the latest principles of evidence-based dentistry, and content is delivered through a wide variety of engaging and effective didactic methodologies.

Some key features of our curriculum include:

  • Sequenced courses and an emphasis on theory integration across classroom, laboratory and clinical settings, all of which promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills that build upon one another.
  • Immediate development of hands-on clinical simulation skills using state-of the-art instruments and equipment.
  • Student learning experiences—including team-based learning—that enhance your ability to work collaboratively with other members of the dental practice.
  • A strong emphasis on the biomedical sciences and principles of clinical medicine through the integrated study of human systems.
  • Early direct patient care experiences in our Oral Health Center’s Comprehensive Care Clinic.
  • The opportunity for you to learn alongside students in other health professions.

Our comprehensive group practice model features groups of practicing “dental associates,” who are students at all stages of their education. Faculty mentors help you and your group manage your practice efficiently and effectively, resulting in exceptionally valuable clinical experiences for you, top-quality oral health care for patients, and your development of expert competency in all aspects of clinical care.

The College of Dental Medicine also offers a unique community-based clinical education program, which encompasses most of the program's fourth year. You engage in extensive clinical experiences at a network of sites throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

See the Catalog for complete curriculum requirements and courses.