About the Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center

Team-based Simulations

With a distinctive and integrated approach to experiential, transformational education, the Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center (ISIC) collaborates with faculty to develop students into critically thinking professionals who thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

You will be

  • Immersed in team-based simulations that model the communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving habits that are inherent in professional practice.
  • Utilizing thoughtfully chosen and expertly maintained technologies that enhance transformative learning.
  • Provided with the utmost awareness of confidentiality, interprofessional educational theory, and mutual professional respect.
  • Challenged to focus on improvement and collaboration, master professional skills, and prepare for further advanced study/life-long learning and successful careers by bringing meaningful contributions to the global community.

Watch: Students in the ISIC

Nursing Students Get Hands-On Training

Dental Hygiene and Dental Medicine Students Learn Together

Simulation Training

Guided by skilled professional staff and instructors, students participate in simulations specifically designed to enhance the development of clinical judgment and critical thinking abilities. Rather than just hearing and reading about difficult or unusual patient cases, students experience them by treating high fidelity patient simulators, patient actors, or virtual patients in scenarios that mimic real-life clinical practice.

Debriefings with other students and faculty after each simulation experience provide the opportunity to reflect on the challenges students encountered. During the debriefing process, students may view digital recordings of the simulations to assess team and individual performance. These experiences help students develop superior clinical competence and confidence.

The Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center at UNE is unique among simulator training programs in Northern New England due to its focus on interprofessional training, which provides an effective tool for not only building clinical skills but for developing teamwork, fostering communication and high standards of safe patient care.

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