Brian Duff interviewed by media on Maine's gay marriage referendum

November 05, 2012

Brian Duff, Ph.D., UNE associate professor of political science, was interviewed for a Nov. 1, 2012 Vermont Public Radio story and a Nov. 4 story on Maine's gay marriage referendum.

The outcome is "incredibly hard to predict," Duff told "In terms of effectiveness, Yes on 1 has run a better campaign, but it's hard to say how effective church leaders are going to be in raising the opposition."

Duff told Vermont Public Radio that one of the more interesting aspects of the gay marriage debate has been the issue of children. "The question of what's good for the kids, what does it mean to love children, how do we protect kids, has seemed to be seized upon effectively by the pro-gay marriage side."

Duff is the author of The Parent as Citizen: A Democratic Dilemma. He has also published research on feminist theory, voting, and the politics of race and ethnicity.

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