Graduate Programs in Public Health Registration

You are strongly encouraged to read this entire guide before starting the Registration process as it will make your online registration session much more successful. You may also click on any of the links below to take you to a specific page or resource.

GPH/MPH Registration Schedule

Online registration for all matriculated students continuing in the Graduate Certificate of Public Health (GPH) or Master of Public Health (MPH) programs will begin at 9 a.m. and close at 11:59 p.m. Please take note of the following registration dates. *To make changes to your schedule after online registration closes, contact the Graduate Programs in Public Health Office at (207) 221-4463 or 4467 directly before classes start.* Dates subject to change.

2016/2017 Masters of Public Health Registration Dates (Online)

Summer 2016


Add: March 28 - May 3


Drop: March 28 - May 5


Add: March 28 - June 28


Drop: March 28 - June 30

Fall 2016


Add: March 28 - August 30


Drop: March 28 - September 1


Add: March 28 - October 25


Drop: March 28 - October 27

Spring 2017


Add: October 31 - January 3


Drop: October 31 - January 5


Add: October 31 - February 28


Drop: October 31 - March 2

GPH/MPH Registration Information

Students may register for courses by consulting with their advisor, and then entering their selections through U-Online's Registration Services during the online open registration period. Complete instructions for registering online are found in the Guide to Online Registration. Only matriculated students may register online. Non-matriculated students must register by contacting the Graduate Programs in Public Health Office at (207) 221-4463 or 4467.

The Registrar's Office will review all registrations at the end of each semester to make sure that students are still eligible to remain enrolled in courses for the upcoming semester that are restricted by prerequisites, major, or academic standing. You will be administratively dropped from courses for which you are no longer eligible and it will be your responsibility to replace those courses during registration.

After the online open registration period, you may continue to add and drop courses through the registration adjustment period by contacting the Graduate Programs in Public Health Office at (207) 221-4463 or 4467. 

Course Loads

A graduate student must be registered for at least 6 credits to be classified as full-time status. Being enrolled in less than 6 credits will result in part-time student status. This status may affect: financial aid, tuition billing, Veteran's Administration, insurance verifications. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their own enrollment status.

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

A student may withdraw from all courses by completing either a Request for Leave of Absence Form or a Student Withdrawal Form. Note: The effective date of withdrawal is the date the University receives the completed paperwork. All tuition refunds are based on this effective date. Failure to properly withdraw may result in failing grades. If you do not intend to take courses for a term, please contact the Graduate Programs in Public Health Office to discuss your options.

Grade Reports

Grades are readily available for viewing online. For complete information about accessing grades, please click here. Keep in mind that online grade reports are for your use only. They are not meant to be used as a report of grades to a third party. Academic transcripts are the official tool for reporting grades to a third party and may be obtained via written request signed by you.