Teacher Certification Program Registration

You are strongly encouraged to read this entire guide before starting the advising and registration process as it will make your online registration session much more successful. You may also click on any of the links below to take you to a specific page or resource.

TCP Online Registration Schedules

All students who are eligible to participate in online registration have been assigned specific "windows" of time during which registration will be available. U-Online refers to these assigned times as time tickets. Take note of your registration dates below and plan your advising and registration session accordingly. This information is valid for all TCP students except new admits. Dates subject to change.

2016/2017 Teachers Certification Registration Dates

Registration opens at 9 a.m. on all dates

Summer 2016 Closed
Fall 2016 Closed

Spring 2017

November 12 - January 25

Academic Advising

TCP Advising and Course Selection

TCP students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor prior to registration (telephone and e-mail is okay). It is your responsibility to make an appointment with your advisor. You may look up your current advisor assignment on U-Online. To do this, login to U-Online, select Student Services; then Student Records; then General Student Information. Select the desired term and submit. Your advisor is listed in the Primary Advisor field.

Course Selection Worksheet

As you plan your schedule, you may wish to record the CRNs in the Course Selection Worksheet so that you may reference them during your online registration session. Your advisor's signature is not required for online registration; however, you may wish to keep a copy of the worksheet.

Course Loads

To be registered as full-time, TCP students must take at least 6 credits. Three credits are required for part time status. This status may affect: financial aid, tuition billing, Veteran's Administration, NCAA, or other athletic eligibilities. It is the student's responsibility to monitor his or her own enrollment status. Of course, many TCP students may choose to continue with their course work on a part-time basis.

TCP Registration Procedures

Advance Registration

Students may register for courses by consulting with their advisor, and then entering their selections using U-Online during the pre-registration period. Complete instructions for registering online are found in the Guide to Online Registration. After the initial registration period, online registration access will be temporarily closed to allow the Dean's Offices to adjust the course offerings schedule and to resolve any outstanding registration or advising issues.

Registration Adjustments

Online registration will re-open for a Registration Adjustment period when students must finalize their schedule and make any adjustments. Although your schedule will be considered "final" after this time, it may still be subject to administrative changes due to staffing and scheduling changes in the course offerings.

The Registrar's Office will review all registrations at the end of each semester to make sure that students are still eligible to remain enrolled in courses chosen for the next semester that are restricted by prerequisites, major, or academic standing. You will be administratively dropped from courses for which you are no longer eligible and it will be your responsibility to replace those courses during the Registration Adjustment and Open Registration period.

Open Registration (Add/Drop)

As always, students may make changes to their schedule during the add/drop period at the beginning of each term.

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

A student may withdraw from all courses by completing either a Request for Leave of Absence Form or a Request for Withdrawal Form. These forms are available at the Student Affairs Office and the Registrar's Office on both campuses. Note: The effective date of withdrawal is the date the University receives the completed paperwork. All tuition refunds are based on this effective date. Failure to properly withdraw may result in failing grades.