Full-time Faculty

Pam Morgan

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Environmental Studies; Co-Director of the Saco River Estuary Project

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Decary Hall

I have taught a variety of courses at UNE, including Conservation and Preservation, Conservation Field Skills, Wetland Conservation and Ecology, Wetland Restoration: Science and Policy, Women and the Environment, Introduction to Environmental Issues and others. My approach to teaching is to help students learn by doing.  We do many projects in local habitats and local communities, as well as projects right here on campus. 

Being right on the coast of Maine offers amazing opportunities to involve undergraduate students in my... Read More


Salt Marsh Conservation

Salt Marsh Restoration

Salt Marsh Ecology

Wetland Conservation

Wetland Restoration

Wetland Ecology

Conservation and Preservation

Environmental Education

Director, Center for Sustainable Communities; Co-Director of the Saco River Estuary Project; and Assistant Lecturer

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Decary Hall


Design and facilitation of training

outreach and communication strategies to facilitate ecosystem management

watershed management and coastal management. Science translation and science to management application in coastal and marine systems.

Professor of Environmental Literature, Dept of Environmental Studies

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Decary Hall


Nature literature; Edward Abbey; William Wordsworth; land/habitat conservation policy; pedagogy relating science


and environmental awareness.

Professor, Dept of Environmental Studies

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Decary Hall

Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, Miami University, Oxford OH USA

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local ecological restoration and native landscaping

study abroad partnerships & pedagogy

the Eastern Caribbean (especially Dominica)

the theories



and ecological consequences of development

Richard Peterson

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Environmental Studies

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Decary Hall

As a teacher, I seek to create opportunities for students to actively engage in their own learning, through active discussion and debate in the classroom and by getting their hands dirty in the field, whether though volunteering on an organic farm, touring the local incinerator and seeing where their garbage goes, helping out at local food shelters, taking part in a work weekend at an Eco-village, or working with AIDS orphans in Kenya.I have spent a lot of time in... Read More


Ecological anthropology; indigenous ecological knowledge systems; Learning Community pedagogy; qualitative research methods; East and Central Africa.

Michelle Steen Adams

Associate Professor

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Decary Hall


Coupled human and natural systems.<br />Forest landscape ecology

Historical ecology

Riparian forests. <br />Environmental history

Forest social sciences and policy.<br />Global population-environment interactions. <br />Integrative graduat

Bethany Woodworth

Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2647

Decary Hall

I have been working in conservation research for many years and have conducted conservation research in a variety of ecosystems from east Africa and Central America to the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. The subject of my doctoral research was the drivers of population decline in an endemic songbird in Puerto Rico, especially the interactions between avian brood parasitism and nest predation by alien species. In the early 1990s, I served as monitoring ecologist for Frankfurt Zoological Society, flying extensive aerial... Read More

Associate Research Faculty

Associate Research Faculty

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Decary Hall

During the 2012-2013 academic year, I am working as a research consultant and GIS technician for Oregon Metro, the regional government for the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area.  I am preparing demographic analysis and reports documenting Oregon Metro's compliance with provisions of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the use and disbursement of federal funds for land use and transportation planning.

I will return to campus for the fall 2013 semester.Read More


Geography of land development

land use planning

and urban / environmental policy; Civic Environmentalism; Demographic change; Environmental history.

Helida Oyieke head shot

Research Associate

Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence, 2010-2011

I am a Fulbright scholar and UNE Research Associate with a keen interest in environmental research particularly those leaning towards biodiversity and its conservation in Kenya and Africa at large. Throughout my research career I have alternated between academics, research positions and the administration as well as implementation of institutional research programs in the East African region. My interest and extensive experience in environmental research, policy and advocacy has seen me serve on various local and international boards, committees and... Read More




Marine Botany

Women and the Environment

Mila Plavsic

Research Associate

Visiting Lecturer

(207) 602-2626

Decary Hall

My primary research interests are anthropogenic ecosystem disturbance and international conservation policy.  In addition to policy work in Washington, DC and the Northeast, my fieldwork has taken me to Kenya, Madagascar, Botswana, and the Dominican Republic. I investigate the impacts of invasive species, fire, timber harvest, and climate change on community diversity over time (with small mammals and birds as study systems) and the policy implications of those impacts.  I am interested in how science is applied and conservation achieved... Read More


conservation biology

population ecology

international environmental policy

fire ecology

global change biology

science/policy interface


southern Africa

Mark Andrew Ward

Research Associate

(207) 563-2956

Decary Hall


Landscape scale conservation planning

Identification of rare plant and animal species of New England

Natural community classification

Vernal pool biology

Invertebrate taxonomy (odonates

tiger beetles

and fairy shrimp)

Natural history education

Kristin Wilson

Research Associate, UNE Department of Environmental Studies; Research Director, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve

(207) 646-1555 x136


Affiliated Faculty

Michael C. Daley

Ph.D. Economics

Associate Professor

(207) 602-2592


Dr.  Daley  graduated in 1984 from the University of Maine, Orono with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Daley earned a M.A. in Economics in 1988 and a Ph.D. in Economics in 2000 from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Durham, New Hampshire. 

Dr. Daley started working at the University of New England in fall 2004. He teaches principles courses in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Business and Economics, as well as upper level... Read More


contemporary macroeconomics

environmental economics

ecological economics

Professor, Department of Marine Sciences

(207) 602-2410

Marine Science Center




primary production

remote sensing

geographic information systems

Bering Sea ecosystems.

Greg Zogg

Associate Professor

(207) 602-2884


Terrestrial and wetland plant ecology; soil microbiology and plant physiology; carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry.



Professor Emeritus of Biology and Environmental Science

(907) 299-7779

Decary Hall

Dr. Lemons received his Ph.D in zoology and physiology from the University of Wyoming in 1975. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles; edited eight books; served as Editor-in-Chief of "The Environmental Professional," the official journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals; served as environmental science book series editor for Blackwell Science, Inc., and has directed numerous grants and international projects. In addition to being the recipient of various research awards and fellowships, John received the Career Distinguished Research... Read More


Global climate change

nuclear waste disposal

national park policy

environmental ethics

scientific uncertainty and public policy