Political Science Curriculum

Curricular Requirements


CAS Core Requirements


Program Required Courses  
One of the following courses: 3
PSC 105 - Introduction to Political Science  
PSC 202 - Politics as Social Science  
One course in each of the following areas: 12
Introductory level course in American Politics including:
PSC 101, 106, 203, 205, 207 or 250
Introductory level course in Political Theory including:
PSC 100, 120, 200, 206 or 207
Introductory level course in International Relations including:
PSC 201 or 240
Introductory level course in Comparative Politics including:
PSC 100, 110, 204 or 205
One advanced course (300 level or higher) in three of the following areas: 9
Political Theory  
Comparative Politics  
American Politics  
International Relations  
Three Political Science Electives
At least one must be at 300 or 400 level
Senior Seminar and Essay 6
PSC 490 - Senior Seminar  
PSC 491 - Integrative Essay  
Minimum Program Required Credits 39
Open Elective Courses (as needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

Secondary Education Certification

The department offers Political Science majors the opportunity to select all of the EDU secondary education certification courses (listed below) as their electives in order to become middle or high school teachers (grades 7 - 12) in the area of social studies. While providing a solid foundation in social studies, this program includes extensive coursework in education, which, when combined with the secondary teaching internship, will result in State of Maine teacher certification upon completion of the degree program. This program is approved by the State of Maine Board of Education.

Note: students preparing for social studies certification should also complete 24 credits of associated grade 7 - 12 courses they may teach. Although no specific courses are required, students should select courses that are primarily history, with at least one course in psychology, sociology and economics. 

Education Courses  
EDU 105 - Exploring Teaching 3
EDU 110- 21st Century Learning Through Technology 3
EDU 202 - Curriculum & Assessment 3
EDU 220 - Exceptionality in the Classroom 3
EDU 385- Diversity and Social Justice 3
EDU 382- Literacy Research-Based Instructional Methods 3
EDU 438 - Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies 3
EDU 488 - Secondary Education Practicum 3
EDU 498 - Secondary Internship 12
EDU 405- Inclusive Methods and Data Based Decision Making 3
Education Minimum Required Total Credits 39