Bills, Payment and Refunds


We mail bills for mandatory charges according to your semester start date. Please refer to U-Online for your most up-to-date billing information. Any additional charges, deposits, and fines you may incur are billed monthly. You can access your most current billing information by following the instructions below under Methods of Payment: ONLINE.

Please keep in mind that with loans, lenders often deduct loan fees before monies are disbursed, which can impact the amount you need to borrow. You should calculate loan fees and add those amounts to your loan requests. Please see Federal Loan Fees for more information.

Payment Arrangements

The financial aid offered to you by UNE counts toward your payment arrangements. You may also find you need to seek additional loans and scholarships. As long as all disbursement requirements are met, your funds will pay out to your UNE account. Any outstanding balance may be paid using one or more of the methods of payment detailed below. We urge students to have payment arrangements in place by each semester's bill due date to avoid additional charges.*

*$150 late fee and finance charges of 1% on the outstanding balance.

You must notify us in writing of all financial assistance you will receive from outside sources like private scholarships, tuition waivers and certain veteran’s educational benefits. Federal regulations require that we consider all other tuition assistance before we calculate the financial aid award UNE can offer you.

Methods of Payment

UNE offers a variety of options to pay your bill.


If the amount of money applied to your account exceeds your charges, you will receive a refund. Student refunds can only be issued after loans disburse (pay out) to your account. The loan disbursement schedule is available to download. Please allow 7-10 days after your disbursement date if you have enrolled in Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit forms and accompanying bank letter or voided check must be sent through regular mail: 

UNE Student Financial Services, 11 Hills Beach Road, Biddeford, ME 04005
Emailed or faxed forms will be returned.

Please allow at least 10 days if you are receiving a paper check. Requests for refunds that are generated from non-Title IV Aid (i.e., personal payments and scholarships) must be submitted in writing.

We strongly discourage you from using refunds for anything other than education-related necessities. Many personal money management tools exist, and we encourage you to utilize them (e.g., MintCredit Karma, etc.).