Brian Duff interviewed for Press Herald story on Maine gubernatorial race

June 17, 2013

Brian Duff, Ph.D., UNE associate professor of political science, was interviewed for a June 15, 2013 story on Maine Congressman Mike Michaud's announcement that he has set up an exploratory committee for a possible run for governor. The story appeared in the Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel.

In the story Duff said it is far too early to predict who would win a three-way race involving Democrat Michaud, independent Eliot Cutler and current governor Paul LePage, a Republican. But Duff doesn't believe Michaud will have problems among hard-core southern Maine Democrats.

"The only problem Mike Michaud would have in the 1st District would be from people attacking him from the left. And unless he gets in some sort of a competitive primary, there is just no situation where that is going to happen," Duff said. "I think the Democratic Party is going to rally around him because this is sort of a do-or-die race for the Democrats in the state of Maine." Read the story.

Duff is the author of The Parent as Citizen: A Democratic Dilemma. He has also published research on feminist theory, voting, and the politics of race and ethnicity.

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