Anouar Majid's scholarship noted in TNS the News column

April 23, 2014

The scholarship of Anouar Majid, Ph.D., UNE vice president for global affairs and director of the Center for Global Humanities, is noted in a column by Tahir Kamran for TNS the News on Western scholars' engagement with Islam.

Kamran writes "The answers to questions concerning the rights of women, jihad, minority rights and indeed the inter-relationship among different sects are predicated on the possibility of finality in decision-making. However, without any inherent institutional hierarchy, Islam is presented with a problem that no decision is necessarily ultimate. These issues are being unraveled in some Western universities with academic thoroughness." Read the story.

Majid is the author of five critically acclaimed books on Islam and the West, including Islam and America: Building a Future without Prejudice, and a novel, Si Yussef, which has been the focus of much scholarly and critical interest. He is the editor of the magazine TingisRedux.

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