Jason Moury elected to local Board of Health

May 22, 2014

On May 5th 2014, UNE’s School of Community and Population Health Master of Public Health student Jason Moury was elected to a seat on the Board of Health in Winchendon, Massachusetts.

Moury, who is scheduled to graduate in December of 2014, was elected along with a local nurse to help further the board’s mission of improving the overall health of the small New England community.

Winchendon is home to 10,600 people and has five members serving on the Board of Health. Moury will not only use the education he has obtained from the MPH program, but will also contribute more than a decade of patient care service experience. “I was excited to be elected by my constituents, and I’m looking forward to being part of the effort to help make Winchendon the healthiest community in North Central Massachusetts,” said Moury.

Some of the major issues that Moury hopes to focus on include car seat safety, cardiovascular education, heroin use, and utilization of the open spaces in the community. 


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