Rising Tide 2014 features student-centered research and scholarship

March 26, 2014

The Office of Research and Scholarship has released the 2014 issue of Rising Tide, the University of New England’s annual research and scholarship publication.

This year’s edition, focusing on the theme of student-centered research and scholarship, features a multitude of articles showcasing student research projects and accomplishments from all five of the University’s colleges and its Centers of Excellence.

According to Ed Bilsky Ph.D., vice president for Research and Scholarship, UNE makes the investments necessary to foster close faculty-student interactions that are at the root of student engagement in scholarly activities; what he considers to be a crucial component of the education process.  He notes, in the issue’s introduction, that such intense mentorship “requires significant time and effort to do well, and from that perspective it is not as efficient compared to traditional methods of classroom delivery.  But in terms of achieving many of the most desired learning outcomes, it is among the best.”

Bilsky invites readers of the latest Rising Tide issue to browse through “example after example of UNE faculty and staff mentors working closely with their students on projects that have both meaning and value.”

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