UNE College of Pharmacy announces summer research fellowships

UNE College of Pharmacy

June 09, 2017

Six UNE students have been selected to receive Dean’s Student Research Fellowships from the College of Pharmacy. Each student has been matched with a faculty member and will be a vital part of their research lab.

This opportunity provides students with hands-on experience outside of the classroom, while allowing faculty to impart expertise in their specialized fields and teach research skills in the context of their laboratory setting. Students will gain technical knowledge by working on these projects as well as proficiency in planning, execution and presentation of research findings. 

The 2017 Dean’s Student Research Fellowships are:

Student: Michael Caiazzo, (COP, ’19)
Faculty Mentor: Steven Sutton, BSPharm, Ph.D., associate professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy and A.A.P.S. Fellow
Project Title: Determining whether nanoparticles change the impact and transport of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon benzo

Student: Seema Patel (COP, ’19)
Faculty Mentor: Srinidi Mohan, Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy
Project Title: Understanding the metabolic modulation of N-hydroxy-Arginine biomarker during estrogen-negative tumor prognosis

Student: Matthew Delmar (Medical Biology, ’18)
Faculty Mentor: Arvind Thakkar, Ph.D., assistant clinical professor in the College of Pharmacy
Project Title: Evaluation of H1 receptor antagonists for pancreatic cancer chemoprevention

Student: Lauren Pusey (Pre-Pharmacy, ’19)
Faculty Mentor: Cory Theberge, Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy
Project Title: LCMS analysis of sterile compounded cefzolin/methimazole solutions

Student: Ross Garrett (COP, '19)
Faculty Mentor: Cassia Mizuno, Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy
Project Title: Design of dual µ-CB2 agonists for the attenuation of pain

Student: Lindsey Tatakis, B.S., (COP ’19)
Faculty Mentor: Christian Teter, Pharm.D., BCPP, associate professor of Psychopharmacology in the College of Pharmacy
Project Title: The role of ketamine for the management of suicidality and depressive symptoms among patients treated at Mercy Hospital


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