Commonly Asked Questions

This information is summary in nature and does not supersede your plan documents. Consult your plan documents for full eligibility and coverage details.

Q:  I am a new hire. When do my benefits start?

A:  At UNE your benefits start on the first day of the month after your hire date (the first day you worked); if your hire date is the first day of the month, then your benefits begin on your first day of work.

Q:  How do I know if I am eligible for benefits?

A:  As outlined in the Summary Plan Descriptions, all regularly budgeted full-time and half-time individuals are eligible for benefits.

Q:  I purchased UNE’s dental insurance. Do I have vision coverage?

A:  Your dental coverage offers a discount program at select locations, but it cannot be used at the same time as the CIGNA vision benefit that comes with your elected medical coverage. Additional information about your EyeMed discounts can be viewed here.

Q:  I recently moved and want to update my address with my health insurance carrier. What do I do?

A:  If you have a change in your mailing address, please contact Human Resources immediately. We will need to update your address in our system and with the health and dental insurance carriers. If you participate in our retirement plan, you will need to contact TIAA-CREF directly; their number is (800) 842-2252.

Q:  My child is over age 18. Can they remain on my health and dental insurance plans?

A:  Yes, children may remain on your health and dental insurance plans until the end of the month they turn 26. This is also true if they are working or are married.

Q:  Am I required to see a participating Delta Dental Dentist?

A:  Delta Dental has an extensive list of participating dentists, particularly in Southern Maine. The coverage percentages are only guaranteed for dentists participating within the Delta Dental network, and most in-network providers take care of the claim submission on your behalf. You may get reimbursed for some of your dental costs if you utilize an out-of-network provider; however, the coverage may not be as much as at an in-network provider and you will need to file the claim with Delta Dental.