Health Benefits

UNE offers medical insurance to address the health care needs of our full-time and half-time faculty and staff. There are two levels of in-network health insurance coverage and one in- and out-of-network plan to choose among. Each of the three levels of coverage is available in a variety of family structures to provide the right level of coverage for the best cost.


  • Full-time or half-time faculty or staff (self)
  • Spouse or Domestic Partner
  • Dependent Children (and those of a Domestic Partner) until the end of the month they turn 26 years of age
  • Participation in health coverage may begin the first of the month after your hire or qualifying event. If your hire or event occurs on the first of the month, then benefits begin on the date of hire or qualifying event.
  • Please review the Summary Plan Descriptions for more eligibility details and consult with Human Resources for specific situations.


Cigna Open Access Basic

This in-network plan provides a moderate co-payment option and has the lowest monthly premium costs. Learn more

Cigna Open Access Enhanced

This in-network plan provides lower co-payments and has mid-level monthly premiums.
Learn more

Cigna High Deductable Heath Plan with Health Savings Account (HSA)

This plan offers in and out of network benefits at a low monthly premium. In 2016, UNE will be providing $2,600 to a participant’s  HSA, account and participants have the option to contribute additional money to their HSA (within limitations set by the IRS). Learn more

Cigna Open Access Plus

This plan will no longer be offered effective January 1, 2016.

Health Advocate

This is a free and confidential benefit that helps you and your family (spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law) get answers involving your medical, hospital, dental, mental health, medications and other health care issues.

  • Find the right doctors, dentists, and other providers.
  • Locate the right treatment facilities.
  • Get explanations of coverage stipulations and alternatives for uncovered services.
  • Get to the bottom of billing mistakes and coverage denials.
  • Negotiate fees and payment arrangements.
  • Find in-home care, adult daycare, assisted living and long-term care.
  • Clarify Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Supplemental Plans.
  • see more in the Health Advocate Features Brochure

Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern Time but staff is available after hours and on weekends.


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