Educational Benefits

UNE values the education of not only our students, but of our faculty, staff and their dependents. Subsequently there are three different programs in which you and your family may participate. We offer a summary of benefits here, but full details are available in our Personnel Handbook or by consulting with one of our Human Resources representatives.

Tuition Grant in Aid

UNE employees can take undergraduate courses at $50 per course and graduate courses for $100 per course. Full-time employees are limited to two courses per semester. Half-time employees may take one course per semester. Dependent children of full-time employees may take course work at a discount of 25% and then 50% after two and then five years, respectively, of continuous service. Spouses of full-time employees have some limited benefits as well. 

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC-TEP)

If you are a full-time employee, you and your dependent children may attend any of 300+ private independent colleges that are part of the Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program on a tuition-free basis. For a list of participating colleges and participant responsibilities, you should view the CIC web page.

The Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)

If you are a full-time employee who has completed ten years of uninterrupted service or its equivalent by the date of your application, your dependent children may attend college on a tuition-free basis with a different program call The Tuition Exchange Program. Because of limitations placed on the number of exports, this program is a more competitive program and you must remain employed full-time for the full duration of the tuition exchange period. You can find additional information on The Tuition Exchange Program website.

Tuition Benefit Forms