Supervisor Support

Hiring and Employment

Whether you are replacing a regular position or hiring adjunct faculty, part-time or temporary staff, there are some basic forms and processes necessary for a smooth transition.

Status Change Forms

Approval to Hire

Once a position need has been identified, an approval to hire is necessary to proceed with the hiring process for benefits eligible faculty or staff. Additionally, the Approval to Hire form should be accompanied by:

  • A current job description or Advertisement for Faculty positions.
  • Supporting documentation demonstrating budgetary support.
  • Rationale for position need.


Personnel Action Form

This form establishes new placement information for benefits eligible hourly and salaried staff and any employment changes throughout the duration of an individual’s employment with UNE.


Request for Contract

This form establishes the initial information for full-time or half-time faculty contract generation.


Email Pay Request

This form establishes pay rates, budget lines and approvals for part- time and temporary employees.


Illnesses and Injuries

Family Medical Leave Guidance

As a manager, it is likely that one of your staff will need to apply for Family Medical Leave at some point. This guide will help you understand the various circumstances, continuous leave and intermittent leave situations, rights and responsibilities of Family Medical Leave.

Worker's Compensation Guidance

We all strive for the perfect safety record, but accidents do happen.  And when they do, this guide will help you navigate getting your staff member the resources they need and making UNE a safer place.

Disability (non FMLA) Guidance

There is often overlap between family medical leave and personal disability situations, but not all individuals or circumstances qualify under Family Medical Leave regulations. UNE offers additional policies covering individuals for their own non-work related disabling conditions. You should reference the Personnel Handbook for full details.