The George and Barbara Bush Center

U N E George and Barbara Bush Center

The rugged coast of Maine has special meaning to George and Barbara Bush. The village of Kennebunkport has been their anchor to windward for many decades, a retreat they return to year after year. Known as the summer White House, their oceanside home on Walker's Point is a special place where they have hosted world leaders, foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

The proximity of the University of New England is one of the many reasons George and Barbara Bush were excited about the opening on Oct. 3, 2008 of the George and Barbara Bush Center on UNE's waterfront Biddeford Campus a few miles north of Walker's Point. 

The George and Barbara Bush Center lays the foundation for the heritage of George and Barbara Bush in New England. Water views from the Bush Center provide students, faculty and visitors the same opportunities to relax, reflect and renew as Walkers Point has done for George and Barbara Bush and their family over the years.

Barbara and I are thrilled the University of New England’s new Center will bear our names. The University is a wonderful institution and a special neighbor. The coast of Maine has always been 'our anchor to windward'.

- George H. W. Bush
41st President of the United States

Features of the George and Barbara Bush Center 

The Windward Café on the ground floor includes an inviting entrance, outdoor terraces and flexible areas for students to study, meet and socialize with informal dining and wireless Internet connectivity.

The new George and Barbara Bush Exhibit in the George and Barbara Bush Center tells the story of the Bush family in Maine, the presidential years of George H. W. Bush, and the story of UNE’s connection with the Bush family through the George and Barbara Bush Distinguished Lecture Series. The Bush Legacy Collection includes memorabilia given to UNE by George and Barbara Bush.

The President’s Board Room is a distinguished space for hosting meetings of the University’s Board of Trustees, other faculty, student and administrative gatherings as well as community groups. UNE’s Board of Trustees contributed more than $1 million to name this space in honor of UNE President Emeritus, Sandra Featherman.

The third floor of the Bush Center addresses a multitude of university administrative needs.

Bush Legacy Collection

The Bush Legacy Collection within the Bush Center houses material anchoring the Bush legacy in Maine.

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