Seville, Spain

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A Semester in Seville, Spain

  • Spend a semester abroad in beautiful Seville, Spain for the same cost as a semester on campus in Maine.
  • Enjoy life outside of class with a variety of activities, clubs, volunteer opportunities and outings. Travel and experience Spain and the rest of Europe.
  • Experience Spanish culture through activities and excursions to sites of cultural importance in and around Seville.
  • Travel to Morocco to visit another ancient and modern culture. Visit the UNE campus in Tangier.
  • Learn and/or improve your Spanish language skills with an intensive language program (no prior Spanish necessary).
  • Stay on track with your major and meet UNE requirements through on-site courses in the lab sciences and humanities.

  • Take Applied Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology II, or Organic Chemistry with onsite labs at the host university. Study Spanish, earn Advanced Studies credits in history and political science, and take international business and culture classes taught in English.


Discover Seville

The capital of Andalusia, Seville was one of the last footholds of the Moorish empire that ruled the Iberian Peninsula. It is home to the ingenious barber of Seville and the tempestuous Carmen.



Though the city preserves its past, modern Seville is the commercial hub of Andalusia. For a city of fewer than 800,000, Seville offers amazing cultural activities, from flamenco to classical, pop and jazz concerts.






UNE students will enroll in semester courses taught in English at Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), Spain's newest public university with a student population of 9,000. The modern campus is located just 5 miles outside historic Seville and is easily accessible by city transit.

The courses listed below provide numerous options that will enable you to stay on track with your UNE major. You'll also enroll in a Spanish language course.


Spain Courses

Choose at least one Spanish course and 3 of the following other courses taught in English at UPO.

  • ANT 215G SGA: Intro Medical Anthropology
  • ARH 322G Adv: History of Spanish Art
  • BIO 209G: Intro Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIO 242G: Applied Microbiology
  • BUEC 203G: Macroeconomics
  • BUEC 328G Adv: The European Union
  • BUEC 331G: The Global Economy
  • BUEC 380G: Economic History
  • BUFI 346G: International Finance
  • BUFI 347G: International Financial Accounting
  • BUMG 200G: Management
  • BUMG 302G: Human Resources Management
  • BUMG 310G: Organizational Theory
  • BUMG 335G Adv: International Management 
  • BUMK 312G: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 
  • BUMK 335G: International Marketing 
  • CHE 210G: Organic Chemistry I
  • ENG 225G: Nobel Prizes in Spanish and Latin American Literature 
  • ENG 323G Adv: Contemporary Spanish Literature (taught in Spanish)
  • HIS 354G Adv: History of Spain 
  • HIS 356G Adv: Contemporary History of Spain (taught in Spanish)
  • HIS 359G Adv: Spanish History: Prehistory-1500

  • MAT 110G: Financial Mathematics
  • PSC 327G: Contemporary Spanish Politics
  • PSC 328G Adv: The European Union
  • PSC 355G Adv: Road to Democracy in Portugal, Greece and Spain
  • PSC 414G Adv: U.S.-European Relations Since WWII
  • PSY 254G SGA: Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 256G SGA: Social Psychology
  • PSY 345G: Sports Psychology
  • REL 204G Exp: Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the Spanish Context
  • SOC 315G: Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • SOC 319G: Spanish Culture and History through Film
  • SOC 324G SGA: Spanish Culture Up Close
  • SPA 190G: Spanish Intensive – 1 credit
  • SPA 112G Exp: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 114G Exp: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPA 213G Exp: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA 214G Exp: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 216G Exp: Intermediate Spanish Reading and Comprehension
  • SPA 218G Exp: Intermediate Spanish Conversation
  • SPA 310G Adv: Advanced Spanish I
  • SPA 316G Adv: Advanced Spanish Reading and Comprehension
  • SPA 318G Adv: Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • SPA 330G Adv: Advanced Spanish II  

Choose at least one Spanish course and 3 of the following other courses taught in English at UPO.

  • ANT 215G SGA: Intro Medical Anthropology
  • ARH 322G Adv: History of Spanish Art
  • BUAC 201G: Intro to Financial Accounting
  • BUAC 203G: Management Accounting
  • BUEC 204G: Microeconomics
  • BUEC 328G Adv: The European Union
  • BUEC 331G: The Global Economy
  • BUFI 315G: Financial Management I
  • BUFI 346G: International Finance
  • BUFI 347G: International Financial Accounting
  • BUMG 310G: Organizational Theory
  • BUMK 312G: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • BUMG 335G Adv: International Management
  • BUMK 335G: International Marketing
  • CHE 211G: Organic Chemistry II
  • ENG 225G: Nobel Prizes in Spanish and Latin American Literature
  • ENG 323G Adv: Contemporary Spanish Literature (taught in Spanish)
  • HIS 352G Adv: Historical Ties Between Spain and the U.S.
  • HIS 354G Adv: History of Spain
  • HIS 356G Adv: Contemporary History of Spain (taught in Spanish)
  • HIS 358G Adv: Spanish History: 1450-Present
  • PSC 327G: Contemporary Spanish Politics
  • PSC 328G Adv: The European Union
  • PSC 355G Adv: Road to Democracy in Portugal, Greece and Spain
  • PSC 414G Adv: U.S. and European Relations since WWII
  • PSY 254G SGA: Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 256G SGA: Social Psychology
  • PSY 345G: Sports Psychology
  • REL 204G Exp: Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the Spanish Context
  • SOC 315G: Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • SOC 319G: Spanish Culture and History through Film
  • SPA 190G: Spanish Intensive - 2 credits
  • SPA 112G Exp: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 114G Exp: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPA 213G Exp: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA 214G Exp: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 216G Exp: Intermediate Spanish Reading and Composition
  • SPA 218G Exp: Intermediate Spanish Conversation
  • SPA 310G Adv: Advanced Spanish I
  • SPA 316G Adv: Advanced Spanish Reading and Composition
  • SPA 318G Adv: Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • SPA 330G Adv: Advanced Spanish II



What's Included?

  • Tuition for up to 18 credits
  • Housing, meals and laundry
  • Dedicated leadership and support
  • On-campus extracurricular activities, gym and workshops
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientation program
  • Cultural activities, local excursions and field trips

Semester Dates

You'll spend 16-18 weeks in Seville. Fall semester students arrive in Seville in late August and return home in mid-December. Spring semester students arrive in early January and return in late May.


Students are required to have a 2.9 minimum GPA. No Spanish experience is necessary, and all majors are welcome. Students must bring their own laptops.


You will keep all UNE scholarships and financial aid, and will be billed the same tuition that you would be billed for a traditional on-campus semester, plus UNE standard double room & board. You'll be required to arrange your own flight to Seville's San Pablo Airport (SVQ).



Ready to apply for a semester in Spain?



Application Deadlines

Spring 2018

October 15, 2017

Fall 2018

April 15, 2018