It’s a place of great beauty, one-of-a-kind opportunities, and a distinctly collaborative culture. Everyone at UNE — from the students, to the faculty, to the professional staff — is united in our mission to help this planet, its people, and its communities thrive. We believe this world needs all of us, and everyone has an important part to play.

A Community with a Purpose

Want to help make the world a better place (and embark on a fulfilling career while you’re at it)? At UNE, you’ll find a tight-knit, uncommonly supportive community — visitors and first-year students can’t help but comment on it — of like-minded souls.

We’re people who understand that this world could use a little help, and are serious about making meaningful positive impacts on our fellow human beings, on the communities we create together, and on this planet that we all inhabit.

So when you leave UNE to go out into the world, you’ll be ready to do your part, helping to address some of today’s — and tomorrow’s — most pressing challenges.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Because of UNE’s unique culture and pedagogical approach, we offer opportunities for you to get your hands dirty that few schools our size can match.

We place a high priority on entrepreneurial innovation and being responsive to business and community needs. So, you'll have access to an extensive network of business and community partnerships across Maine and New England (and, increasingly, overseas, through initiatives like UNE North: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies). 

And because UNE is one of a handful of universities with a comprehensive health care mission (including Maine’s only medical school and Northern New England’s only dental school), we are recognized as international leaders for interprofessional, cross-disciplinary training. 

You’ll be out in the real world, putting your knowledge and skills to the ultimate test—through internships, overseas study, service work, faculty research, service learning, and clinical rotations, mixing and matching experiences in surprising and inspiring ways. 


 of our undergraduates participate in a credit-bearing extracurricular activity, such as a clinic


of undergraduates engage in research with faculty — the kind of academic research most students don’t get near until grad school. 


UNE students study abroad at 5X the national average, including 33% of Class of 2019 graduates.

Seriously Beautiful Places to Live and Learn

What’s that thing people say? “It’s not bragging if it’s true.” Lonely Planet recently listed Maine as one of the top-four destinations for world travelers in 2020, and while we may be biased, we can’t help but agree. UNE is proud to call Maine home, with two beautiful campuses on the southern Maine coast.

Our seaside campus in Biddeford, the hub of undergraduate life and home to our College of Medicine, is located on 579 acres, with woods, beaches, boating, and world-class facilities for both work and play, including the magnificent Harold Alfond Forum and the brand new Danielle N. Ripich Commons — the all-in-one hub of the undergraduate student experience.    

Thirty minutes up the road is our campus in Portland, where many of our graduate health professions programs are based. Portland is hot — a city that needs no introduction to foodies and craft beer enthusiasts — and is frequently included on lists of most livable small cities. 

We also have the only dedicated campus for a US-based university in Tangier, Morocco — a Muslim country that sits at the crossroads of languages, cultures, and continents. It’s fully equipped with labs to allow students studying health professions and sciences to spend a semester abroad while staying on track with rigorous required courses. Outside the classroom, regular outings and excursions (including easy access to Europe) balance out a life-changing cross-cultural experience.

Eminently Employable

You can’t make a difference in the world without a strong personal foundation—the confidence that you’ll be able to provide care and comfort for yourself and your family. 

At UNE, you’ll be well prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving job market, acquiring not just the skills of your chosen academic path or profession, but the habits of mind (such as critical thinking) employers covet, and the life skills you need to feel confident and comfortable in any social or professional situation. 

As Maine’s largest private university, and the #1 provider of health professionals in Maine—we sit at the heart of an extensive alumni support network, with contacts and influencers in communities across the state and region. 

Whether you’re interested in health care, the sciences, business, or the arts and humanities, our faculty and professional staff work tirelessly to provide the tools, resources, relationships, and opportunities you need to find success on your chosen path. 


of UNE graduates are either employed or enrolled in continuing education within a year of graduating.*


The Brookings Institution rated us the #1 Maine college for our ability to increase students’ career earnings.


Zippia ranked us #1 in 2019 among colleges in Maine for finding a job after graduation.

*Based on 2016-2018 graduate surveys

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