President's Office

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of New England’s website. While I encourage you to spend some time exploring these pages and getting to know us better, I thought it might be helpful for me to highlight a few of the commitments and characteristics that make UNE a uniquely special place to learn and grow.

To begin, we are deeply committed to doing everything we can to ensure our students thrive, both during their time on campus and as they head into their chosen fields to apply their new knowledge and skills. Even as we have grown to become Maine’s largest private university and a national leader in the health sciences, marine sciences, global education, and a host of other fields, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our students the personal attention they need to flourish. Indeed, the relationships our students form with UNE professors and professional staff are key to our mission. The opportunities students have to work beside these talented women and men in the classroom, lab, clinic, and field give them the experience and confidence needed to hit the ground running upon graduation.

Not only do our students leave UNE ready to lead, but the degrees they earn continue to accrue measurable benefits throughout their careers. As the Brookings Institution attested when it named us the top academic institution in the state of Maine for our ability to increase students’ earning potential, we provide an unusually high return on students’ investment. And more than just preparing them for careers in which they will do well, we encourage our students to pursue a life’s work in which they will do good. As they embody the marriage of a deep foundation in the liberal arts with cutting-edge professional education and training, as reflected in our mission of “Innovation for a Healthier Planet,” our graduates experience the profound satisfaction that comes from engaging in work that truly matters. They find themselves continuously energized by the challenges they face. When PayScale named us the second-best institution in the United States for alumni reporting “high job meaning,” it recognized the extent to which our alumni are uniquely committed to and driven by their work.

Our commitment to global education is another distinguishing characteristic of UNE. Our students learn first-hand about the rich diversity of global cultures, and the impact their work can have not only in their local communities but also on the entire planet. Our students apply their classroom knowledge to real world problems as they travel the globe. UNE undergraduates study abroad at a rate nearly three-times the national average, expanding their cultural horizons and gaining the sort of international perspective that serves them well when they graduate and join today’s increasingly global workforce. Whether spending a semester at our campus in Tangier, Morocco, where the classrooms and labs are designed to meet the needs of students pursuing diverse areas of study, including the health sciences, or participating in one of our many faculty-led travel courses to locations around the world where new discoveries are being made and new knowledge is being created in their fields, our students learn to channel their passion and burgeoning expertise into efforts that make the world a better place. In Maine and wherever else their studies lead them, our students become leading change agents.

Although there is no substitute for personally visiting our three distinct campuses, I encourage you to spend some time exploring our “virtual campuses,” which will introduce you to our beautiful seaside campus in Biddeford, our historic campus in suburban Portland, and our trailblazing campus in Tangier. The students who call these three UNE locations “home” enjoy the intimacy of belonging to close-knit communities, but also the opportunities that come from being part of a larger, highly innovative university with a global reach. Our graduate students from Portland often travel to Biddeford to share in interprofessional learning experiences or research opportunities with our medical students, while our undergraduates from Biddeford often visit Portland for global humanities lectures or to engage in clinical work. And students from both Maine campuses take advantage of the amazing opportunities in Tangier, as well as on the campuses of our partner universities in Spain and France.

Of course, these are just a few highlights of a global university that offers more than 70 majors, a medical school, a college of dental medicine, a college of pharmacy, an online college of graduate and professional studies, and a host of intercollegiate athletics teams, clubs, and activities. I hope you will explore our website further and then visit us in person to experience for yourself this truly unique and special community.


James D. Herbert, Ph.D.
President of the University of New England