UNE’s Biddeford Campus provides the right kind of student life for everyone, whether your ideal leisure experience includes meeting friends at The Hang for a bite to eat, watching a play at Biddeford City Theater, enjoying a movie in the dorm, working out at one of our gyms, participating in or watching an intercollegiate athletic event, or taking a relaxing stroll on the beach. 

With more than 60 clubs and organizations from which to choose, you find a wealth of opportunities to get involved. If you’re interested in joining an academic club, photography club, student government, a cultural organization, or an outdoor recreation group, you’ll meet like-minded people on the Biddeford Campus ready to welcome you aboard.

UNE students sit around a campfire on the beach

Number of student clubs and organizations 


Number of conference championships in the last 5 years


Number of beaches within a 50-mile radius of both campuses

Tripp Henderson
The future of outdoor rec at UNE is about building a campus-wide program with access for everybody to get involved in whatever they're interested in when it comes to the outdoors.



BLM march organizers

UNE football players lead demonstration and march for social justice

N95 mask fitting

First students return to campus after the COVID-19 shutdown

Photo of John Fireman filming "The House of the Soul" exhibition at UNE's Art Gallery

If the public can’t come to the art exhibition, bring the exhibition to the public

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